Hair Glossary

Welcome to Urbanbella, the naturally curly, kinky, wavy hair apothecary.

Terms Related to Shape


Shape- how each individual hair naturally bends and twists creating coils, curls, kinks or waves


Coily-kinky – locks of hair are curled very tightly into an “o” shape with a diameter of 1/8” 1/4’’.

Coily-curly – locks of hair have a defined “o” shape” looped into a corkscrew affect with curly diameter approximately 3/8” and larger

Kinky – locks of hair have a zig-zag “z” pattern without ever creating the “o” of Coily hair.  The bends are very small and frequent.

Wavy – locks of hair have loose “s” shape without ever creating the shape of an “o”. The bends tend to infrequent, only occurring about every 1 inch or greater.



Terms Related to Length


Length - average length of the hairs


Short – hair length at lowest part of earlobe or above

Medium – Hair between lowest part of earlobe and shoulders

Long- Hair past shoulders



Terms Related to Volume


Volume  - number of hair strands per square inch


Thick  - very dense amount of hair, cannot see scalp without parting hair.  Cannot see through strands of hair

Medium  - mildly dense amount of hair, can see through very few sections of hair

Fine (thin)  - lower number of hair on head, can see scalp when hair moves


Terms Related to Texture


Texture – refers to the thinness or thickness of each individual hair strand


Coarse – hair strands are thick

Medium – hair strands are of medium thickness and fairly strong

Fine – hair strands are thin and fragile